Square Dancing

Square dancing is a uniquely American dance.  In a square dance, four couples dance together, following prompts from a dance leader or “caller.”  American square dancing began among the pioneers on the frontier, but today it’s enjoyed by people everywhere in the country, from all walks of life. It’s good exercise, easy to do, and a great way to have fun with friends both old and new.

Ask us about a hoedown square dance party 

Hoedown square dancing is fun and easy for everybody.  You don’t need to know a thing about square dancing; Tom and Maryann will lead you through each dance in a way designed to get everybody up and dancing right away.

We feature a wide variety of dances including modern squares, traditional hoedowns, line dances, and mixers. We use music that ranges from traditional to  pop to ensure that everyone gets involved and has a good time.

A hoedown square dance could be just right for your next get together,  birthday party, church function, fall harvest party, or corporate event.  For more information, click on Square Dance Party in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Ask us about calling for your square dance club

Tom calls and teaches Mainsteam and Plus.  We really believe that square dancing is “fun set to music,” so we work hard to deliver good choreography, good music, and an upbeat program for your dance. Tom is a member of CALLERLAB and has a current BMI/ASCAP license.

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